Introduction to trading 

Your friend is claiming to make big money on stocks. You are tempted by it but you have been told it is risky. But you want to try and make money too. So how to make money with investing while minimizing the risk associated to it. 

 This precisely is our aim, to make you learn about the investing. 

 Let’s start…  

 There are many type of investment which are famous. There are traditional investment, in fixed deposit, in a Saving account,  insurance premium etc. Which are less risky . And there are hatke investments.  These are used by few, because of higher risk associated with it. Some examples are bond, equity, futures and options, fund, commodity and currency. Some of the term might be unheard of you. Some you have heard but don’t have an iota of idea about its whereabouts. 

 Now you must be thinking there are too many, and I have to choose one or couple of these. But to choose, you need to analyze, to analyze you must know, to know you have to learn, to learn you have to find the resources. And that’s where our roles comes, we don’t tell you what to choose. But we will tell you about all of them. 



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