A response of our choice

A response of a stimulus  depends on us,  how we process it. A woman was passing through a juice shop.  The juice boy was pouring water on the fruits,  unknowingly some water fell on the lady too,  before she could respond or I could warn the boy,  he repeated the act.  Now I felt bad for lady,  and for boy as well because I strongly expected that lady is going to slay the boy and I was trying to be ready to intervene if required.
To my surprise nothing sort of happened.  Lady looked at the body,  who now have realized his misdeed and she smiled saying ‘unknowingly you threw water on me,  you should be careful next time’ and she left . I couldn’t believe her version of the response to this situation.  I have encountered similar situation many times,  I have seen fights on this,  I have seen heated argument but,  never have i seen such peaceful resolution on altercations.


This i believe is the fundamental of being happy,  choosing a response of our choice,  irrespective of the who was at mistake or who was right.  We must give a response which makes us happy,  the lady did the same.  She could have chosen a different version of response, which could have made sure, the boy was sorry but,  it couldn’t necessarily make her happy.
This was today’s PS from my side. Please give your valuable opinion in comment section. Have a great day.

*Image is owned by  aliveagainpositiveliving.com


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