Saving Indian Culture

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Almost everyone was going crazy whole week . Those having a companion to celebrate were busy making plans. Whereas singles out there were posting like a moribund person. My point is almost everyone takes interest in this whole thing, which was unheard of a decade ago.

This time as well like every year,  things were pretty tight. Couples celebrated the as usual and some self-proclaimed protector of our great culture and mortality, tried to prevent them from celebrating.



As a person neither celebrating this day (because  I am single :P)  nor trying to protect our culture (because I have other things to do) ,  I find both the parties naïve,  fighting for such a petty thing.  Neither celebrating this day is the only way to show your love,  nor preventing them from celebrating is in any mean saving India’s culture. Actually it is just opposite of it,  our culture was great because we didn’t interfere into other’s life.

So both the parties need to take a chill pill and smile.


This was today’s PS from my side. Please give your valuable opinion in comment section. Have a great day.


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