A Golden Cage

Why are so much software engineers in India? I think it is because of the thinking of non-IT person about IT person.
When I go to my native village. They think IT field is best in market. Almost all aunties want to make their children be a IT guy. Some time I really wonder,  why they think like that,  so I enquired about the reason? Almost everyone had similar  thoughts,  to summarize below :
1.  We just sit on computer in Air conditioning. No physical work,  even you don’t have to stand up from seat.
2. We earn more than others.
3. There are so many companies that you can not run out of job, when fired.


Now back to reality,  I think IT Job is worst thing possible, which can happen to anyone. It takes your freedom. It cripples you creativity. When I was in college,  I aspired to be a writer, but destiny had other things in my life and I became a software engineer ( I belong from ECE).
Package offered by company was lucrative enough to persuade me to join.
I had high regard for this sector same as others. I saw dedication of a developer for his work.  I saw commitment of my seniors towards company.  Here in IT, actual software were being made, which were making world a better place. I felt like a creator.
I almost forgot about my passion about writing. I used to be a bibliophile, but became a reader of new languages only to enhance my coding skills.
Now that I am able to see clear picture. I don’t see dedication, but a fear of not fulfilling task on time given by client. I don’t see commitment , but a desperate attempt for appraisal.

Those who used to live life on their own term, now they think twice before even getting sick otherwise project will get affected. Those who prefered Goa to visiting parent, now they plead for diwali leave to visit home but get denial because apparently all of a sudden company realises that you are the backbone of company and company can not survive a week without you.

I see a lots of potential singers, dancers, scientist, mathematician, writer, actor and others . They are not even trying to pursue their passion but wasting their life in a cubicle, in 9 to 6 job. Some are doing it for appraisal others for onsite. Only day when they are happy is day when salary comes, rest of the day are wasted in waiting for it morbidly. Weekends are wasted in so called partying. Where everyone is boozing , smoking and bitching about their boss. Four people spend their life in 8X8 cage named ‘cubicle’, even prison gives more space per person than that.

You and I my friend are in a Golden Cage.

This was today’s PS from my side. Please give your valuable opinion in comment section. Have a great day.


Image source: cubicle



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